Wednesday, September 1, 2010

20 weeks - we love fat babies!

Our 20 wk appt was thankfully, again, pretty uneventful. The u/s showed us that ALL 3 babes are moving - in fact, normally calm Baby Girl C the poser on the left was actually the most active! Crazy I can't feel her. I found out Baby C and Baby A have anterior placenta - which basically means I have a big pillow of placenta between their kicks and my skin layer. (Hence, I feel Baby B way more because the crazy kicker has posterior placenta and no barrier from her to me) Her kicks are everyday, but still pretty gentle. For sure more in the late afternoon and evening. I think lil man (top picture on the left - looks like Scott already - he has his under nose to chin area. He thinks Baby B has my upturned nose ...Not sure where Baby C comes in yet?)

Mama has gained 36 lbs in 20 wks..yep, 36 lbs. I'm so hungry most of the time. But I'm proud of it because when they were measured today they were all 3 in the 80th percentile for weight/size!! That is my number one prayer - stay big, healthy and grow evenly! Lil man and Baby Girl B weigh 13 oz and Baby Girl C is 14 oz. So over 2 lbs of floating baby already. Baby C's head is literally about 5 0r 6 inches below my boobs towards my midline - she is so high! Baby B is nestled on my right (and I feel her butt or head or something hard ALL the time in my right belly area) and Baby boy has head down towards cervix and feet wrapping up the midline (although he did 2 or 3 somersaults just during the u/s so who knows his position??). They also measured my cervix - down to a little over 4 from a 5 two wks ago. They weren't worried and said at about this time the cervix starts to go down naturally. So no big adjustments to my schedule- can still swim and just need to put my feet up or lay most of the day outside of one or two activities.

I'm feeling pretty good overall - just kind of felt like an 80 yr old man as I left the appt w/ a RX for Nexium (heartburn,acid reflux) , cream for a really cool rash and a physical therapy appt for headaches. I have days that no food sounds good and I puke in my mouth all day and then I have days where I have all the energy in the world. This seems to be how the rest of the preg. will be.

In the same day we got all the good news I came home to find out I have been TERMINATED from lululemon. Not good to surprise fire a 5 month prego w/ hormones. So, plan B - Cobra (which just seems like a dirty word when you're pregnant w/ triplets).Cobra is stupid expensive - but my happy and relaxed hormones have taken over and I'm totally ok w/ the situation. Out of our control, and happy relaxed babies are way more important than worrying. I know it will all work out. I actually didn't even care for the first time in my life I put a big dash through the space for occupation and employer in my new patient paperwork at the physical therapist today. Full time baby grower is my new resume for now.

We toured Community N last night and met some other expecting couples. I love how fun it is to have SO much in common with someone you just met, just because you both have big round bellies. The rooms are so are the waiting areas. So in the small chance (although I'm NOT planning on it) that I'm on bedrest, I would be in one of these really nice rooms. Although if I am on bedrest, I would rather be there so I can have people waiting on me rather than being at home all by my lonesome as the fall and winter approach. We go back soon to tour the NICU.. I'm hoping if they are in the NICU they get the triplets room :) They get their own little room that is soundproof and has light that mimics natural light -- so in the morning "the sun rises" and gets brighter mid-day and then dims and "the sun goes down" at night. This is to get them used to normal outside world patterns!

I met another pregnant girl today that seemed so anxious and worried...and I had to thank God I stay pretty relaxed. She was telling me she is basically addicted to the Internet and how much bad stuff she reads. I was proud inside that I got all of that Internet poison out of the way while trying to get pregnant - these days I only look at my registry or my multiples yahoo forum. I am a recovering and successful Internet-aholic, and my pregnancy is so much better w/ all of my ignorance :)

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