Thursday, September 16, 2010

22 wks - What I have learned about carrying triplets

At 22 weeks, I am 40+ lbs heavier and much smarter about doing my job of getting three healthy babies into this world...Top 10 things I have learned in 22 weeks.

1) What NOT to Expect When You're Expecting multiples. Reading these "week by weeks" in normal books is sometimes frustrating and ALWAYS won't apply to you. Expect day by day and trust your Dr. and specialist - it's the only place you feel normal.

2) There is no shame to bust out the abdominal support strap at this point. It may be for 35 weekers, but my uterus doesn't know we are only 22 weeks! I can almost remember what it's like to have a core wearing this.

3) Sleeping through the night is done. Probably forever. However, the cheap body pillow from Target beats the $60 Snuggli or whatever it's called that is made for expecting moms. My combo is a wedge under my belly, a pillow behind, a pillow to cuddle, a pillow under my head and a pillow between my legs. Scott always asks what I need, and I say "clouds to lay in". Can we invent that?

4) You can crave working out. Last night I watched Usher dance, and at the end, he was sweaty and could barely breathe. I was sooo jealous of that feeling.

5) Pre-natal massages should be prescribed by your doctor.

6) This is my "hungriest day ever" may happen over and over and over again. I actually dream every night of anything from ramen noodles to pastry shops.

7) You know your cervix and membranes very well. Your cervix is like a good report card and healthy membranes are totally good news, and totally unknown what it really means.

8) I am planning to breastfeed and know it won't be easy or maybe even enjoyable. But I'm recruting my"cheerleading squad" now. I don't want to quit. I have a breastfeeding class next week and am contacting the LaLeche league and a faithful follower of breastfeeding triplets blog. Positive in = positive out.

9) You can take the girl out of yoga, but you can't take the yoga out of the girl. We have had bumps of weird stresses and questions of where we will leave and how we will do all of this - but every morning and every night I try to stretch and do my version of yoga with meditation and instead of repeating negative thoughts, I go through my affirmations of how I see it all turning out. Visualization for big babies, babies breastfeeding and healthy parents, family and babies are always included. It really helps. I think Brian Tracy said, the human mind can only hold one thought at a time - choose a positive one.

10) Have learned, but not mastered this yet. When you are stuck at home and totally exhausted and feel alone, hungry and thirsty - your loved one's don't know this. Not even your husband. That's why you have a phone (I just need to learn to ask...because when they get here, I will really need to ask) more...why bedrest? Why all this dumb laying around (besides it's the only thing you have energy for...) I read these often to remind me and to encourage me to stay put!!

Staying Horizontal Helps: (as stated in my fav multiples book - "When You're Expecting Twins,Triplets, or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke.

- Reduce strain on your heart and improve blood flow to kidneys and eliminate excess fluid
- Increase circulation to uterus, providing more oxygen and nutrients to babies
- Minimize catecholamines - stress hormone that can trigger contractions. (I've read in other books that high levels of this big word during pregnancy has been linked to colic...hmm)
- Take pressure off the cervix
- Limit activity to reduce contractions and to conserve energy overall so all your energy and nutrients you have goes directly to your baby!

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