Wednesday, September 29, 2010

24 wks, the game changed

We have been so blessed w/ such an uneventful pregnancy, and we are so so thankful!

So, I feel bad even complaining about the game getting a little more challenging, but yesterday was certainly a challenge for me! I should say Monday that my cervix
went up a little and measured at 3.9 - really good news! No major contractions and the babies look great. They look so baby like now! We saw baby c look at us and roll over and put her arm in front of her face like she was this little baby rolling over in her crib. Scott and I both started laughing and freaking out a little at the same time -- getting more real everyday!

We took a breastfeeding class Monday and actually had more of a fun date night out of it because we couldn't stop laughing at everything. It was sort of helpful, but what we will always remember is how hard we laughed and how much better we felt at the expense of a poor girl that really just couldn't get the football hold down. Poor girl, but the memory of her awkward stance of holding baby almost on her shoulder will make me laugh in the middle of the night when I'm struggling myself with a double football hold :)

In other fun news we did a diaper and book mini surprise shower for baby Weaver!! So fun..we stacked the diapers and our fav childhood books up in an old Radioflyer !

The big news this week is that since my insurance cuts off home care October 1st, my Dr wanted to be proactive and set up home uterine monitoring for contractions as well as setting up a terbutaline pump. I was clueless about this pump thing. I knew the monitor would be nice to have - it's simply strapping on a monitor around my belly for an hour twice a day and then plugging the box in to the machine to send it in to a nurse to review the contraction activity. It's easy to do, and for some reason the baby under the monitor kicks when it's on me, so I like to get that activity. But the pump....the pump is my arch nemesis.

This is what it looks like to the right. I inject a needle into my subcutaneous layer on my thigh and then connect the tube to the control unit, which has the medicine in it, where the medicine is basically fed to me all day every day to keep my blood level up with the medicine. And then, every 4 hours you get knocked with a big dose of the stuff to really make sure you have enough. I have to leave the needle in all the time and change it every 5 days. The little box (I pretend I'm on a reality show with it hooked to my pants) goes with me everywhere too. I even have a waterproof bag for the shower. The indication for this drug is to treat asthma and is used to relax and prevent bronchospasms. It's off label use is to do the same thing to the uterus -- relax the uterus and prevent contractions and preterm labor. In theory, it sounds great. ( A little weird to carry around a tube with a needle in your thigh, but seems worth it).

However, as relaxed as it may make my uterus, it sent me over the ledge. I had my first "big dose" at 8 pm and Scott thought I had been out doing illegal street drugs. I was nervous, jittery, my heart was racing, wanted to puke, hands shaking and overall just paranoid and grinding my jaw. They even make you take your blood pressure and pulse to make sure it hasn't hit the roof before and after a big dose. If I would have let the machine hit me again at midnight, 4 am and 8 am, I think I would have been checked into a mental hospital. I really don't think you would ever sleep. I left the needle in, but turned the medicine off at 11 pm last night and plan to call the doctor today to see if I can rip this out. I still didn't sleep and I am feeling so nervous and yucky. I will do this if it makes the babies get here bigger and better, but I really hope I test out of this one...

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