Wednesday, September 22, 2010

23 weeks -- showers of love and growing babes

I made it through the whole weekend -- our couples shower on Saturday and our family shower on Sunday (and waiting for Scott to get home safely from the late Sunday night Colts game)

We are so blessed to have so many people that care about us and are excited and willing to help us prepare for our babies and the journey ahead. My family has done so much to encourage us and support us already, and we are so thankful. Having a baby (or 'ies' in our case) brings people you would never expect out of the woodwork to support you, encourage you and just be there for you. There's only a few major events like this in your life..maybe graduation, your wedding, a baby...and in these moments it's nice to just be taken care of and celebrated. Sometimes it really is the people you expect the least, or even see or know the least, that do the most. And for all of you that have made us feel special, Scott and I thank you and only hope we can return the favor someday.

We had a great ultrasound appointment Monday following all of the weekend activity. It was really exciting to have Grandma Richards with us. We told her our names during the u/s and when we were on baby girl B, we were able to tell her that her middle name is after her middle name! Great news again! I am SO proud of our little birds for growing big and strong :

Lil Man - 1 lb 7 oz (grew 10 oz in 3 weeks)

Flipper Girl B, on my right - 1 lb 6 oz (grew 9 oz in 3 weeks)

Poser Girl C, on my left - 1 lb 10 oz (porker grew 12 oz in 3 weeks)

I am so happy they are ahead of the curve. Our prayers are for big and developed babies at 34 + weeks!! We are on our way! I've been told triplets drop off the singleton charts around 28 wks, so we need one more big spurt and we will be ahead of the charts going into that stage!

I'm feeling good, just really miss curling up and sleeping on my stomach or back without gurgling up dinner at night. Have been getting a hard uterus off and on, so I am really looking forward to our appt tomorrow to find out more about whether these are contractions or what?I'm staying pretty positive..the alone time laying horizontal can start to wear a little on you...and although I love my DVR of all the new fall line up, too much alone time does make you lonely. Which can lead to feeling sorry for yourself. Which can lead to days of really being grumpy. Which then leads to an
emotional upswing of not wanting to waste one day of not loving this pregnancy and feeling blessed for the feeling of life inside of you.

Today it is rainy and gray outside and I sort of like it. It makes me feel I am not missing anything. I am still allowed activity, so I can run to get lunch, but I mostly lay in hopes of keeping these babies in my pouch as long as possible. I love feeling the kicks get stronger, and with every stronger movement and every good weight gain, I am encouraged to keep going!

Am I the only one that cried my eyes out watching the pilot for the dumbest show, "Raising Hope". It made me feel so happy I cried picturing Scott and I. I'm sure no one watched it, so the scene was a baby that wouldn't stop crying all night. So the weirdo, hillbilly and not sure what to do with a baby, grandma and grandpa came in and played the guitar and sang "Danny's Song", and the baby fell asleep. (that song gets me every time) In comparison to most people or situations in our life, all babies ask of us is love, and I know Scott and I can do at least that.

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