Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My trip to the "gym" and a cookie

Today is one of those days I just really love being pregnant, and I am embracing and getting super excited about three times the love! I always have required a strong purpose..of which I normally looked for in a job, career or big business idea. Today I have such a peace with my purpose as a mother to three growing babies. I have been reading a lot on breastfeeding triplets, and although much of what I come across is distraught mothers of multiples who give up, there are many posts and articles that are positive and share the success that is possible. I look at it as an extended pregnancy...since most likely mine will be cut shorter than 40 weeks. I am committed to giving it my all and will be realistic with myself, but get really excited about being able to give this gift to our babies. For now, I am researching and trying to get lined up with a supportive local lactation person. This has been my favorite post on feeding triplets -

My trip to the physical therapist today, who happens to be located within Lifetime, my gym, was like a high for me. I saw so many people I knew who were suited up to run, climb and lift - while I was in jeans ready to go be adjusted and rotated. But I was totally ok with it. I felt like I am right where I am supposed to be as I walked by the tan display of 6 packs in sport bras on the treadmills. The Dr. thinks my lack of muscle activation and forward flexion is causing my headaches. So he did some work on my neck by extending my cervical spine with a rolled towel under my neck and took a roller to my calf muscles, thighs and IT band. I felt great as my muscles actually felt used and even love that my tight calf muscles felt sore. I was of course, out of breath and tired, just from all of this. But my best experience at the "gym" was running into the girl I met last time who is also expecting. She was like a little cheerleader placed right on cue for me as I just had read all the negative yuck on breastfeeding this morning. She has had one child, and she told me that I am so lucky to have three times the love, and since I am growing and birthing 3 babies, I can do anything I want. She said after pregnancy and birth, you find superhuman abilities and that nothing is impossible anymore. She said, "especially you, after three, don't let anyone tell you what you can't do! You can!" Awe..gotta love fellow go girl power of pregnancy!

So, I went to Paradise Cafe after and savored the moment of ordering a whole sandwich, a soup and a whole salad... and walked out with my to go food eating my white chocolate macadamia nut cookie before my lunch. (Yes, my sweet tooth is re-introducing itself.. in fact, I had my first craving run for Scott this weekend -Kit Kats!! Those dang give me a break commercials with the snaps got me!) Once you give in to this crazy ride, it really is fun -- even if your pregnancy at times feels so alien compared to most every pregnant girl carrying one.

I will get Scott to take my belly pics tonight - I keep forgetting! Here are some pics from this weekend/week. Below is my parents with me in my new outfit my mom bought me -- wow maternity! We had a fun day and I had my first decaf pumpkin spice latte for the year..yum!

The below picture is the pile of clothing that one of the sweet moms in my multiples group brought over to me today! All of these moms have been lifesavers. I got to see her three little 2 yr old triplet sweet! Katie gave us some stuff from the boys today I think baby boy is set for the first 3 months of life! It's so nice that people are sharing with us to help with some of these crazy costs! It's so fun to look at all these little outfits and onesies...I have loads going in the laundry with my typical afternoon routine of my feet up watching Baby Story. And to think, a year ago today we were roaming the streets of Rome, Italy...

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