Thursday, November 4, 2010

1 week down at Hospital

The week has gone pretty fast and I am thankful for every morning when my Dr wakes me up at 6:50 to say "good job"..another day down!

A typical day is up between 7 and 8:30, order breakfast and then monitor babies. Then I watch TV or get online and order lunch. (Food is getting really old.. so it was a treat to have Patachou brought in once this week!). Then either I have visitors in the afternoon or I read/nap and wait for Oprah :) I am 2 Twilight books and 2 movies in. Hoping to start the baby books and work on pregnancy scrapbook. I have trouble concentrating, so I won't be solving any world problems while laying here.

Yesterday I had more contractions and just had a not feeling great day. The support group was nice to get out of my room because I had no idea what outside of my room looked like, it was a blur when I came. However, it was a little overwhelming for me to hear all the stories...some women are 21 wks or have been here for 8 wks with just one baby! Right away I got a tight uterus and started sweating like crazy. My sweating is out of control when I am groups of talking people. Its so weird, like my body's mechanism of telling me to go be alone, calm and quiet! I mostly listened and ate my cheese snack. I did meet one girl here with twins who I liked and she lives close to us, so maybe we will be bed buddies. So oddly, I was happy to return to my cold, quiet room to calm those contractions down and be thankful that all in all, we really have been blessed with an easy pregnancy.

Baby movement is getting different -- instead of kicks, I can feel rolling and almost stretching of babies. It doesn't feel like random little bumps, it feels like babies moving in there! I actually lost a pound in a week! I have NO IDEA how this happened..I eat all day every day. So I will just keep fitting in as much protein and calcium and calories as I can to grow those babies. They are taking everything I put in my mouth these days. I mean my teeth and jaw are literally tired from eating and chewing! So off to wait for my omelet AND french toast..

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