Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A big weekend around here - I turned the big 3-0 and we hit 30 weeks!

Big Party at the Hospital!
It was a great birthday .. probably one of my best even though I was stuck in a hospital. Scott surprised me w/ Casa Italian food from Fort Wayne Friday night and sent a BEAUTIFUL big bouquet of flowers. Saturday my girlfriends came and ate a lot of sugar with me. And Sunday my parent came and brought me a burger from Scottys Lakehouse and lots of nice presents (including big girl pj pants I actually fit in.. XL!)
Thanks to everyone who made my weekend special! I am finally coming down from my sugar high! I also got wheelchair ride privileges.. so on Sunday I got to be wheeled outside for some cool, fresh air! It had been over 10 days since I had felt real air!
Beautiful flowers from Scott!

Monday's ultrasound showed the babies all looked great. Good fluid and LOTS of movement. They are really crazy in there right now. I can noticeably feel all 3 moving now - and they are for sure stronger. My belly dances up and down during monitoring and they all feel different. Baby A is so low and it feels like he is constantly jumping up & down on a trampoline which is sometimes my bladder. Its like his legs go from frogger to straight. Baby B rolls and runs her body parts against my belly. I still get big kicks or punches from her. The first punch that hurt happened this week from her. She always fights back when the monitor is on and kicks right at it. Baby C is still transverse across my left side, taking all the space. She is lounging, but has moved down a little.. which makes my left hip a little more uncomfortable. I get mostly kicks/punches from her - and they are all gentle and polite.

My cervix went down to 3.1 from 3.5 last week - but the Dr said this is normal, so no big deal to go down and up a few points. My contractions are more intense, but they don't seem to be too concerned about this unless it starts to really change my cervix. I'm holding up pretty good - just get a little uncomfortable at night and find it harder to get my body up to go to the bathroom. Scott is normally here to help me up.. and he never laughs at his big pregnant wife. I still enjoy being pregnant and feeling them in there. I am not ready for them to come out yet!

Countdown to December.. just 4 more weeks!

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