Monday, November 15, 2010

31 wks!

We are getting there! Good update today from our ultrasound and cervical check! My cervix actually went back up to 2.9 from 2.1 - so the bed rest is working. My contractions sometimes creep up to 5 or 6 an hour, but most of the time, its around 2-4. Dr. D.P. pushed really really hard on my uterus (ouch!) to mimic a contraction on my cervix, but no funneling and it stayed the same length. Babies looked great and had good fluid.

Baby A and Baby B have their heads down pretty far, with B's head in my lower right hip now. Baby C still is sitting in my left hip. We were joking w/ our Dr today how babies are like birds going south for the winter.. they just know to get heads down and to go south towards the end. (Except for baby C who does her own thing anyways)

Getting a little more stir crazy this week and feel like I'm losing my appetite and feel blah.. almost a return to the first trimester.. just a lot more belly weight :) But can still sleep like a champ, so not complaining.

Our prayers are for 3-4 more weeks! 34 would be great and 35 would be even better! Just really trying to keep a good attitude and keep my mind busy while my body cooperates and the babies keep up their great work.

Celebrating 30 wks and 30 years as we get ready for an ultrasound w/ ultrasound goo :) 
Scott's spot in my hospital room 


  1. Hi Kristin! My mom told me that you were pregnant with triplets and I found your blog! You are looking amazing and have SUCH a positive attitude. I love it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Take care,

    Allison Fishbaugh

  2. Love, love, love your blog! I am the Weaver's friend that has Owen, who is the same age as Grayson. We met at the shower and Laura has been keeping me posted on how you are doing and just shared your blog link. I've been catching up on the past few weeks and it's pretty amazing. I'll be praying for you guys and hope you don't go too stir crazy over the next few weeks, you are so close! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope everyone brings you tons of good food.