Monday, November 1, 2010

29 weeks Today!

9 lbs of baby!
28 wks,6 days. I was a scary pregnant lady in
wires for Halloween
The good thing about the hospital is that everyone comes to you! Scott and I "slept in" until 7:50 this morning and were woken up by a knock on the door from our primary OBGYN. We love her.. she has a way of encouraging us but telling us the truth. (The bonus of a Dr that has carried and delivered triplets herself). She said for sure we aren't going anywhere until after delivery and that the goal is at least to "beat her" delivery date of 31 weeks.

Next the specialist came down w/ our favorite tech to do our ultrasound in our room. The fluids still checked out ok for everybody.. although still just really hard to see as they get bigger.

Babies Weights: (average weight for 29 wks is 2 1/2 lbs.. so all at or above average)

Baby Boy A: 3 lbs
Baby Girl B: 2.12 lbs
 A better view of monitoring all 3 and
contractions at the same time. Everybody kicks
at the monitors when they are on
Baby Girl C: 3.4 lbs (gained a lb in 3 wks - she is the porker!)

My cervix is stable at 3.5! So if all goes as is, we will for sure be able to make it to 34-35 wks. The things to pray for are fluid, consistent growth, no preeclampsia and keeping everything pretty relaxed in there until it's time. (I have to remember I have a uterus measuring over 40 wks and 9 lbs of baby, so relaxing is the best thing I can do).

The nurses continue to be great. I only have to get heart rates monitored once a day now since it's so challenging to capture all 3. I have a big "outing" Wednesday if my Dr. lets me go... 10 am social hour for all the bed rest girls on my floor :)

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  1. You look great and hooray for those babies measuring where they are!! That is awesome news! So glad to hear your cervix is at 3.5 too....did you ever think you'd be so concerned about your cervix? :) Thinking of you!