Tuesday, November 23, 2010

32 weeks!

This is a big week in triplet growing world...the nurses keep telling me that 31/32 weeks is the magic number for when triplets like to show up, but I am pretty sure ours are still enjoying cooking. And I am really sure I am not ready! My Dr says, although all looks great, that in reality, it could happen anytime.. and to expect a Chinese fire drill when it comes! I'm still sticking to a vision of 34 wks + and I hope to just go into labor, rather than water breaking, babies growing unevenly or other health issues in my body that could cause delivery.
32 wks - I am beginning to look really uneven,
Baby C is in my left hip

Update for week: Babies looked good in ultrasound yesterday and my cervix was around 2.0. My Dr wasn't very concerned about my cervix, but I am contracting a lot - sometimes 7-8/ hour, so I will find out today what we will do to keep those down. My current meds got upped last night, but I am still having quite a few contractions. I may have to do a "mag washout", which would be maybe the worst way to spend Thanksgiving, but if it keeps them in there, I will do it. (A washout is a few days with an IV of magnesium sulfate to help my body respond to the trebutaline again - "washing out the medicine" to start over. The trebutaline I'm currently on can start to be less effective once the body gets used to it. I've been on for 8 weeks. Mag washouts have been described by people as "I felt like I was going to die" and "by body was on fire" - so prayers I can avoid!)

Babies Measurements:

Baby Boy A: 3.15
Baby B: 3.11 (our little baby grew almost a pound in 3 wks, she is fighting back)
Baby C: 4 lbs (she actually slowed down in growth, but she is also hiding behind other 2 babies, so not sure how accurate her measurement was)

Our prayers are for 2-3 more weeks of growth and health for babies and my body as they get bigger. They are really getting heavy and I can tell my body wants to contract more. I'm not in pain, just hard to get comfortable, but still eating and sleeping really well. We will be thankful to celebrate Thanksgiving this week as we get closer to 33 wks! Every day counts!

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