Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 babies, 3 months and 3 x the pictures!

An update from our 2nd month!! So many great pictures from 2 months - it was a fun month! A rather long post - but too many pictures to pick from!

 At 3 month birthday - Harper 10.13 lbs 22 inches / Quinn 14.6 lbs 24 inches / Gracie 12. 3 lbs 23 inches

What happened around here?

Getting stronger and can hold heads up for quite awhile and not wail at the top of our lungs to be on our tummy! Found our legs and like to "stand"on our laps 

Started napping in our pack n plays together .. and then we were big kids and moved to our nursery upstairs and we all sleep in our own cribs! Sometimes we let mom and dad sleep over in our room :)

We coo and goo and grroo and squeel when we are happy and it is simply the best sound to ever grace the earth. We will "verbal volley" and sometimes do a he,he,he giggle (but don't understand what that noise is yet)

We make intense eye contact and I mean we stare at mama and papa. We watch you come and we watch you go

Music and Toys - we love music in the morning and we really love the classical music on our Tiny Love mobiles. We could stare for hours!! We also kick,kick and talk to our jungle & ocean playmats. But our favorite toy by far is the ceiling fan in the sunroom!! We tend to stare at the tv too.. hmm.

Grub- Still drinking Neosure and Q & Gracie up to 5 ozs and Harps 4 ozs. 

Sleeping - ( the longest paragraph because sleep seems to be the most talked about, desired, and frustrating and rewarding topic around here!)  We continue the baby wise/my own version. I started on Monday the week entering their 13th week and it is about to push me over the edge sometimes with their pout faces and sad cries. BUT... I always stand at the door watching the cries and counting the minutes (I am only doing about 3-5 minutes at this point) and everyday gets better. I thought I would hate baby wise, but I really liked a lot about it. It's simple, explains in detail things that happen daily around here (like sleep patterns and crying patterns..once I started looking for them, WOW! there it is. Gracie cries EVERY NAP an hour in. And as the book says, if I keep picking her up..well, I will be crying in an hour in with her everyday too.) It's basically sleep training, and I'm giving it my best shot.  In fact, on Thursday of this week (so our 3 month birthday and the 4th night in Quinn went to sleep with NO CRYING. This has never happened without being rocked..and normally even with rocking, wailing once put down.)  How is this for crazy? I was sad he didn't "need" me anymore! Geez - this mom thing really does make you crazy. Same thing happened the first night they did 5 hours.. I didn't sleep a wink. I was in  every 30 minutes with my finger under their nose to make sure they were breathing! 

I guess we always want our babies to move on from the stages that feel exhausting and what feels like forever... and when they do, and our life should "be easier"  a whole other can of worms opens up and you wish it was, well, easier.. like it used to be. (Enter a memory of setting an alarm those first few weeks to wake them up to feed them. I thought this was the hardest thing in the world. Now, I have 3 alarms. And no snooze buttons). However, morning time is the BEST TIME around here  -- smiles, kicks and snuggly warm bodies just waiting for you to pick them up! Makes everyday a new day around here...

My letter to my babies -- 

Dear Harps - You can and sometimes will smile all day. Sometimes in the middle of being fussy you forget and smile. Put a hanging anything in front of you and presto, a gorgeous smile! You even giggle, like "he,he" Your eyes light up and when I sing to you, oh man .. you look at me like, "Mom, you must be the prettiest lady and the best singer for miles". You barely cry and if you do, it is for a reason. Sleep like a dream and just drift off when put in the crib. You are that baby that moms say "she's just an easy, happy baby" I mean, I catch you giggling in your sleep. You really smile at your daddy, even if he is just in the room talking.  I think you wake up everyday thinking, "man, life is fun!" And I look at you and learn...your innocence is contagious.

Dear Gracie girl - you are my girly girl. You are a little moody but when you smile, look out - you smile with her whole face and it makes me want to cry! You have your daddy's eyelashes and they are BEAUTIFUL! You will watch us leave the room and will even stare at us while holding another baby! You are really starting to lock in on eye contact and you LOVE stories - not like book stories - but mom and dad make up these really cool stories on the fly, type of stories. I make up stories about princess Gracie and mommy and their travels to Paris and Italy and you just stare and listen! You love playing in the "ocean" playmat and will talk forever to all the ocean people :) You are the thinker and as serious as your face can be, you must be thinking of something really, really smart...

Dear Quinner - Oh the sweetest and happiest little chubby baby boy ever! You just like to be held and looked at and when anyone holds you, you really stare like you really want to figure everybody out. You love looking at pretty ladies and you were a hit at our first mommy and me strollerfit class (you stayed awake watching the ladies do jumping jacks!) You are obviously growing really well and you sometimes sleep a whole day! But other times really playful and kick your feet and laugh and coo! You must have heard boys are behind & wanted to prove them wrong - 1st to roll over and coo and goo and we just crave your conversation. One of my favorite things is the way your hands smell.. (weird, I know) but they just smell like BOY (like pb & j and mud all mixed in one). You are already a pleaser just because you do just that, please everyone who holds you!


Month in pictures...
Mama & Gracie after mom's 1st run outside!

The Mighty Quinn

Smooch for Harps

Our 3 month drs appt (no, Quinn does not have a huge outie - just a herniated umbilicus?!)
1st family walk on the trail!

Harps taking a burp break in the swaggerwagon - bottles in the van and then 1st family walk on The Monon

Daddy loves his girls!

What would we do without our Ikea blanket?

1st pairs of jeans!

Hippy Babies 

Oh yea, just smiling at the swing! Wheee!!

And the thinker - looking out the window in her swing 

It was once a wine cooler...

Sleeping in grandmas arms..ahhhh

Did you really wake me up by taking my clothes off..how rude?

We love Great Grandma Hamilton

A visit from Lindsey & Gabe!

Aunt Jennifer & Zack 

Aunt Abby 

The Girls 

I'm so sweet.. 


Hello, look at me - I'm strong!

He,he,he..happy Gracie in the morning. One on one time w/ mom..other kids down for naps - lucky us!

Q's one sided smile that seems to grow and grow bigger as you talk and coo with him
The boys!

Just turn this mobile on, throw some bottles in and a clean diaper & we are good for the day..

I am going to roll over... SOON!

Boy, I love this Panda. Let's go on a walk! Life is good. 

What could captivate 3 babies at such length?? Oh yeah, the CEILING FAN.

The College Fund Begins...

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