Monday, March 28, 2011

Why triplets are like yoga..

-- In yoga, You must live in the present moment/action/pose - if you consider what is ahead, you may feel tired, overwhelmed and want to quit

 (mother translation = I'm feeding 3 babies and it's going really poorly, I can't believe I have to do it again, alone, in 3 hours OR by living in the present, you can think, ok my only job is to feed 3 babies in the next 20 minutes & its not so bad)

-- In yoga,You must, must, must tie breath to your movement

(mother translation = I am so busy and I don't think I have taken a breath all day. Wow, this is hard, ah.. inhale, exhale. That's better)

-- In yoga, No competition. ONE WILL BE FIRST, ONE WILL BE LAST 

(mother translation = Oh my goodness..why have two of them done "x,y,z" and the third one hasn't...)

-- In Yoga, Sometimes you sweat, sometimes you cry

(mother translation = none needed)

In Yoga, Sometimes you start and you don't know what to expect, sometimes it is great and sometimes it is terrible, but it always ends and you always go back because you love it 

(mother translation = climbing up the stairs and down the stairs  - you never know what is sandwiched in between - but it must be good, because everyday you forget the chaos and love the start of a new day)

-- In Yoga, Sometimes you want to compare yourself to others, it never ends well 

(mother translation = If I had a nickel for every time my thoughts drifted to.. "If I only had one I could have...")

-- In Yoga, Push yourself sometimes and sometimes listen and be gentle

(mother translation = Just because you have triplets you don't have to sit at home, take them to the mall sometimes. Stay home sometimes, just because you have triplets)

-- In Yoga, When you go with the flow, pick up energy from others and smile, its usually a good ride

(mother translation = When you feel negative, sorry for yourself or overwhelmed - stop and really stare at those babies. All three of them. Soak up the innocence, beauty and the way they really don't know any better, they are loved) 

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