Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It won't be like this forever

Tonight I was lucky enough to get to much anticipated 1st yoga class since last June. I've been dreaming of this for so many months. It was a great outing for myself and 2 of my best friends, Lauren and Laura - who both happen to be sharing the seat on this ride of motherhood with me. It has been a long winter for the 3 of us - sleepless nights, wondering if we are doing anything right or if it's all wrong and discovering our way through this new chapter of life. I am so thankful and blessed to have characters such as these girls in my village :)

Like so many times, I came away from my yoga class with a "lesson from the mat". Before class started I was talking to Laura (delivered her baby girl 8 days before us) about some of her hormones, feelings, emotions after pregnancy, having a newborn, etc. Since I have a lot of the same feelings, I told her "It won't be like this forever" and she laughed. So we start the class and I am so impressed with my muscle memory! 8 weeks of bed rest, who cares!? Planks - no problem! Downward dog - like an old friend! And wow I'm flexible from that relaxin hormone..and then comes the side plank, twist your leg under the other leg...the record stops. I literally fall to the mat because either the parts weren't put back in right or I just simply can't do that one, teacher. I've done it a million times in my previous life and I pout. And as I look to my friend for comfort during class, she whispers, "It won't be like this forever.." Ha..okay.

And in my shavasana moment at the end of class..my mind drifts off to all the things that "won't be like this forever.." and I had to stop and thank God for the many, many gifts these three little bundles have introduced me to. I instantly remember how all 3 were so little when they came that they fit on my chest almost like a necklace..and their heartbeats were so fast on my heart. And I think, those morning where I think "It will be so much easier when they are sitting up, when they sleep longer, when they eat on their own, when they walk.." man - I am taking chunks out of the beautiful present moments I have right now.  The cuddles, the cries because all they need is held, the coos, the smiles at everything, the soft skin, the everything!!  Quinn, Harper and Gracie rock my world.. and as hard as it is, I'm so thankful for THE NOW because it won't be like this forever..

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