Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Wise = Mama Confused/Tired and not so wise feeling

When I was reading this book last night, I thought it sounded like the perfect plan...14 hours in today (and may I note I have been up 14 hours mostly trying to chart WAKE,EAT,SLEEP interesting task with three babies "to wise")

Why is it that today when I decided to try an approach on sleep/naps around here they all decided to wail 1 hr into the naps? They have napped in their cribs great for the last few weeks. Well, the girls are doing well upstairs but the baby boy is my work in progress. When are you ready to not rock your baby to sleep? By the time he's 18??

I actually think it's silent up there for now. 9:43. Not bad. Fingers crossed it stays. I mean, can't I watch The Bachelor in peace in reward for my wisery attempts today?

To be continued..

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